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Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden

Youth Education

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Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden


with IBG

Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden

Camps with IBG feature hands-on STEAM-focused (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) programming that supports creativity, problem solving, and fostering a passion for the natural world. Participants in STEAM Camps with IBG will form a community of learners that conduct experiments like scientists, discover the Treasure Valley’s complex ecology, and explore our outdoor classroom and living museum. This summer we are excited to collaborate again with The Discovery Center.


Sign-up now as spots are filling fast.

Wizarding Camp registration begins March 4th and will be through the Discovery Center of Idaho webpage . For partnership camps there are no membership discounts, such as for Wizarding Camp no member discounts will apply for IBG or DCI members.


Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden

Summertime Sound Healing with Emily Clark  

Embark on a blissful journey of relaxation amidst the enchanting ambiance of the Idaho Botanical Garden.  

As the gentle songs of nature mingle with the soothing sounds of a carefully curated sound bath, you’ll find yourself enveloped in tranquility. Close your eyes and let the melodic vibrations transport you to a place of peace and serenity. 

This unique outdoor experience promises to be a harmonious blend of botanical beauty and therapeutic resonance, offering a moment of rejuvenation for the mind, body, and spirit.  


Note: This is an outdoor experience. Please bring water, a yoga mat (something to lay on), and a pillow and/or blanket. 

Sign Up Here - July 29th.

Sign Up Here - August 26th.

July 29th & August 26th,
Cost: $15 member, $25 nonmember

Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden

Cider Tasting Workshop with Meriwether Cider 

Interested in learning more about the history, processes, and tasting notes of cider? Then this is the experience for you!


Meriwether Cider’s Molly Leadbetter, Idaho’s only Certified Pommelier, will share information about ciders and you’ll get to taste different varieties. This class will be outdoors, weather permitting. 


Note: This is a 21 and older class. 


July 24th, 6p-7p
Cost: $20 member, $30 non member

Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden

Cyanotype Workshop 

Explore Cyanotype print making with Jessie Swimeley at IBG! 

Cyanotype is a historical photographic print-making process, characterized by its rich monochromatic blues. It uses the power of the sun to make wonderful contact prints. In the late 1800s, this process was used to create botanical prints for documentation. Cyanotype has since become a way to endlessly express yourself. In this workshop, local artist Jessie Swimeley will guide the group through the step-by-step process of making prints and starting their own cyanotype practice.  

  • A brief history of the cyanotype process.  

  • The chemistry behind the process.  

  • How to prepare paper, expose, and develop prints 

Note: This class will be at the IBG outdoor classroom, and the cost includes Garden admission. 

Sign Up Here.

August 25th, 10:30am-12:30pm
Cost: $35 member, $45 nonmember

Education Trunks

Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden

Bring the natural world into your education programs with the help of the Idaho Botanical Garden. Each of our education trunks contains a selection of books, a themed activity packet, and associated supplies. Trunk contents and activities are designed to align with Idaho Content Standards.


Education trunks are FREE and may be borrowed for up to 2 weeks between the months of September – May. Borrowers can pick up and return trunks at the Garden during regular operating hours.


Contact the Youth Education Coordinator to reserve a trunk today: (208) 275-8612

Amazing Arthropods (Grades K-3)

An arthropod is an invertebrate such as a grasshopper, spider, or crab. Many arthropods serve important ecosystem functions as pollinators, predators, and detritivores. Complete a monarch butterfly migration challenge, learn about bug mouthparts with an insect picnic activity, search for camouflaged “caterpillars,” and make a ladybug metamorphosis craft.


Critter Litter (Grades K-2)

Wild animals can be shy, but we can learn about them from the “litter” they leave behind, such as scat and tracks. This trunk includes an Animal Tracks Twister Game, a Plaster Tracks activity (rubber track molds and Plaster of Paris included), rubber scat, and educational activities paired with the Gruffalo book series.


Slimy Scaly (Grades K-4)

Explore the world of slimy, scaly fish, reptiles, and amphibians. Conduct an ectotherm experiment using thermometers, make some mucous (ingredients included) and learn about slimy-skinned critters, practice the art of Gyotaku (fish printing), set up a salmon migration obstacle course, and use a compass to navigate like a salmon.

Available trunks

Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden

Building a community that notices, appreciates, and cares for the natural world.

July 29th

Summertime Sound Healing

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden

Master Naturalists

The Sagebrush-steppe Chapter is taking a pause and will not be holding a 2024 cohort. If you are interested in joining locally, there is another chapter in Boise!


The City of Trees Chapter will be hosting a 2024 class and is sponsored by the City of Boise. Please contact Jerry at for more information.

If you would like to be on the contact list for Sagebrush-steppe's 2025 cohort, please contact Sara Focht at

Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden

Field Trips

Field trip request for spring 2024 are now open!

These outdoor, interactive experiences at the Garden are designed to supplement school science curricula and align with Idaho Content Standards for K-3rd grade learners. Facilitated Field Trips are 90 minutes long and occur mid-April – May and in October.


“This workshop was so much fun! Loved the chance to be creative and learn something new.” – Workshop attendee, summer 2023

“Thanks for all you do for Boise!” – Class attendee, fall 2023

“We had a fun time in a relaxing environment. Facilitators were friendly and helpful.” – Workshop attendee, winter 2023

“The staff was great and so friendly, especially when my child was feeling too shy to join the group. Expertise of the staff is impressive. My child was so happy to learn from ‘real scientists.’ ” – STEAM Camp Parent, summer 2023

“This field trip was wonderful and our students had a great time! They came back excited to learn more and were eager to use what they had learned. The guides were patient and engaging. We could not be more impressed!” – Elementary School Teacher after spring 2023 visit

Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden

Learn with the Garden

Our all-ages community education programming empowers guests to become knowledgeable environmental stewards and life-long learners! We offer hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education experiences year-round to serve the needs of all learners in our community.

Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden

Lunaria Grant Program

The Garden began the Lunaria Grant Program in 2012 with the goal to support education-based horticulture or botanical projects within the State of Idaho. Organizations may apply between November and the first Friday of every February for grants ranging between $300 and $1,500. The grant process is competitive and limited to available funding. The Lunaria Grant committee evaluates each application based on the following criteria:

  • Potential for a high degree of positive impact within the community, state, or nation

  • Quality of the plan for collaborating with local groups

  • Internal and external organizational support for the project, including clarity and cost-effectiveness of budget

  • The overall quality of the submitted grant proposal

  • Examples of some recent projects funded by the Lunaria Grant include plant informational signage, demonstration gardens, grow tunnels, and support for gardening-specific camp projects.


The photo on the left depicts a project funded by the Lunaria Grant in 2020 that allowed the Boise WaterShed to install a new native plant garden along with the design and installation of an interpretive sign.

Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden

Classes & Workshops

The Idaho Botanical Garden Education Team curates seasonal classes and workshops designed to meet the needs of lifelong creative and curious learners! Class and workshop experiences are led by our professional staff and a combination of external hosts have included local artists, businesses, and non-profits to provide engaging learning opportunities.


Over 20 classes and workshops are held annually on a wide variety of topics. Some past class topics have included how to grow vegetables, supporting our local pollinators, care of house plants, and basic gardening techniques. Hands-on workshop themes have included ways to promote soil health, reconnect with nature, craft a one-of-a-kind bouquet or terrarium, and many more creative opportunities!


Pre-registration is required for all classes and workshops.

Interested in teaching a class or workshop at the Idaho Botanical Garden? Apply here.

Summer camps at Idaho Botanical Garden

100 Plants Project 

The Idaho Botanical Garden would like to thank the Idaho Women’s Charitable Fund for awarding IBG funds in 2019 that allowed us to curate this “100 Plants Project” resource. The goal of this initiative was to showcase plants that thrive in the Treasure Valley and are approved by our amazing and knowledgeable Horticulture Staff here at IBG. Many of these plants are also visible growing in our Garden, check out Garden Explorer to see where so you can experience them in person on your next visit!   

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