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Facilities and Grounds Coordinator

Reports to​

Associate Director of Horticulture Operations​





The Facilities and Grounds Coordinator stewards the infrastructure of the Idaho Botanical Garden and oversees the daily and strategic functions of its indoor and outdoor facilities. Primary areas of responsibility include maintenance of buildings, pathways, roads, and basic utilities; tool and equipment care; cross-departmental support, and long-term facility planning. This position will work with the Associate Director of Horticulture Operations to assist with projects as needed. 


The Facilities and Grounds Coordinator personally accomplishes maintenance, operations, and repair work within their area of expertise, and works with contractors and other vendors for services that must be outsourced. This position ensures maintenance functions are performed safely, quickly, and competently, including required documentation, and acts as a good steward of the Botanical Garden’s resources. 



  • Performs regular tool and equipment maintenance and repair work within given area of expertise. 

  • Manages pathways and access points to ensure safe walking surfaces for all guests, staff, and volunteers. 

  • Irrigation system maintenance 

  • Maintains and evaluates fences, gates, etc surrounding garden grounds. 

  • Supports Horticulture staff with overall grounds as well as integrated pest management programs with rodent and weed control. 

  • Supports Garden events through set up assistance as needed, general maintenance, trash removal, etc. 

  • Manages snow removal and related work as needed. 

  • Supports general maintenance and organization of all Garden vehicles, golf carts, equipment, radios, and tools. 

  • Manages small projects and installations.  

  • Maintains ongoing record of work accomplished, documenting processes and procedures for institutional stability. 

  • Maintains ongoing and grounds-related project lists and assists the Horticulture department in the process of estimating costs and establishing priorities annually. 


  • Oversees facility services related to all users, including maintenance of all buildings, HVAC systems, utilities, and communication infrastructure including underground utilities. 

  • Supervises, oversees, coordinates, reviews, and evaluates work performed by contractors or consultants, to include building maintenance and advanced repairs.  

  • Manages security, alarm and fire suppression/detection systems and ensures compliance with standards and codes for building, fire, electrical, and mechanical systems. 

  • Responds to building system failures and security alerts and ensures proper response is undertaken to restore proper operations. 

  • Manages the building key system for access and control. 

  • Coordinates with other staff to minimize the impact of building maintenance and operations on daily institutional functions. 

  • Maintains ongoing facilities related project lists and assists the Horticulture department in the process of estimating costs and establishing priorities annually. 

  • Maintains ongoing record of work accomplished, documenting processes and procedures for institutional stability. 

  • Organizes a calendar of regular facilities and infrastructure maintenance tasks. 

  • Supports small projects for administrative staff, such as desk/furniture installation and general support as needed. 

  • Other duties as assigned. 

Skills, Specifications, & Experience​

  • Experience in facility management function at a cultural attraction or in a corporate environment or practical equivalent preferred. 

  • Experience with principles and practices of facility and infrastructure maintenance, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, HVAC, interior finishing, are highly desirable. 

  • Ability to carry up to 50lbs. 

  • Ability to work in various weather conditions such as cold, snow, or rain.  



  • Experience with most horticultural tools and machinery is essential. 

  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment. 

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. 

  • Excellent problem solving and sound decision making.  

To Apply

Please submit resume and cover letter, for review to 

It is understood that this job description is intended to convey information essential to understanding the scope of the job and the general nature and level of work performed. This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of qualifications, skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with the position.

Anti-Racism Statement:

The Idaho Botanical Garden acknowledges the harm and injustice committed against Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities including colonization, slavery, segregation, denial of proper resources, mass incarceration, police brutality, and economic and voter suppression--systems that have been perpetuated for hundreds of years.

We wish to honor Indigenous community’s native to this region including the Paiute, Shoshone, and Bannock tribes. We express gratitude and appreciation to the traditional stewards of the land and to those who have been living and working in this valley from time immemorial.

We must continue to strategize and support one another, both within our organization and our greater community, to make space for diverse voices to express themselves fully and to cultivate a culture that embodies the means of a collective. We stand firm in our ability to name and eliminate racist behavior and to provide proper training to our Board and Staff in an effort to uphold this commitment.

We will continue to ask hard questions, share our stories, and think critically to ensure the longevity of a movement toward equity and inclusion. We strive to create an environment where welcome, wellness, safety, and success are possible for all who visit this space and to carry these efforts beyond our garden walls.

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