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2023 Field Trips at IBG

Offered April - October

Last approximately 90 mins

Learn in Nature!

PLEASE NOTE: *Due to programming changes, we are not offering Pre-K on-site field trips in 2023. As we work to redesign and update our education program offerings, we are excited to welcome Pre-K learners back to the Garden for on-site field trip opportunities in 2024!*


The Idaho Botanical Garden is a nonprofit living museum dedicated to furthering science education and environmental stewardship in the Treasure Valley and beyond. Our goal is to nurture a fascination with the natural world through a variety of hands-on outdoor programs including on-site field trips that meet Idaho Content Standards for K-5th grade learners. 

Learn more about each class below. 

Getting Here

Bike walk, skate, or carpool. We love our planet and we love it when our guests use alternative forms of transportation. But if driving is a must, here are some directions! 

2355 Old Penitentiary Road Boise, Idaho 83712

Ready, Set, Grow

Grades K-1

Using their 5 senses, young learners will explore nature and practice using their observational skills. They will discuss what both plants and animals need to grow, hear a story, learn about plant parts through song, and go on an exploratory walk through the Garden. 

Content Standards: K-LS-1.1; K-ESS-2.1; 1-LS-1.1; 1-LS-1.3 

Plan your Visit 

On-site programs are offered April-October on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  

Start times are flexible between the hours of 9:30a-2p. On-site field trips last approximately 90 minutes.  

We can accommodate groups of up to 60 learners per field trip at this time.  

Cost ​

$5 dollars per person

A $50 non-refundable deposit is needed at the time of reservation confirmation.

Scholarship Opportunities 

Limited scholarships (including free admission and partial busing reimbursement funds) are available for groups in need of financial assistance. If you or your learners are in need of financial assistance, please complete the Scholarship Form. We will reach out to you with more information. Request for funding will be awarded by the Idaho Botanical Garden based on our commitment to prioritizing providing opportunities to under-served populations and learners. 


Schedule a Field Trip 

Fall field trip bookings will become available on July 10. 

Please email 

Habitat Investigations

Grade 2

While exploring diverse habitats found in the Garden, learners will discuss what all living things need to survive. The field trip experience includes an exploratory hike, an aquatic investigation, and an interactive game. 

Content Standards: 2-LS2-1.1; 2-LS-2.1

Flower Power

Grade 3 

Learners will participate in a variety of hands-on activities emphasizing the structure and function of different flower parts and how they help the plant get pollinated. Each student will help grow the collection at the Idaho Botanical Garden by planting a flower!

Content Standards: 3-LS-1.1; 3-LS-3.3

Plants in Idaho's History and Today

Grade 4 

During a hike through the Lewis and Clark Native Plant Garden, learners will hear about some of the important roles of plants in medicine, materials, research, and culinary uses. Topics include plant uses historically and today as well as what members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition learned from Indigenous People. Learners will practice plant identification, gather data useful for research, and learn about herbarium specimens.

Content Standards: 4-LS-1.1; 4.SS.1.3.1; 4.SS.1.3.2

Ecology of the Boise Foothills

Grade 5 

Learners will awaken their curiosity and develop a sense of place as we explore the Boise Foothills and focus on the ecology of this unique landscape including how plants can survive here. We will go on a hike to discover the vital role plants and fire both play in the sagebrush ecosystem and will get a chance to help restore it here in the Garden.

Content Standards: 5-LS-1.1; 5-LS-2.3

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