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Community Grows Here.

Among the roses and evergreens, pumpkins and oregano, there’s so much more that grows at the Idaho Botanical Garden. Children discover the wonder of nature. Families enjoy a picnic in the shade of stone lizard lair. Vegetables are harvested to share with local nonprofits. Friends and neighbors come together to seek refuge, rest, or raise the roof. 

To continue to carry out our mission and serve the growing community in new and better ways, we know we must do more. Improvements to our gardens and property are needed to plant the seeds for the future. 

That’s why we are launching a capital campaign to increase our ability to grow our community by connecting people, plants, and nature.  

Please join us in this vision.

To schedule a vision tour contact Jennifer Parks

Welcome to our vision for a truly special place in Idaho, where the variety of our plant collections mirrors the diversity of the unique individuals who come together within our Garden and gathering spaces. We are driven by a pursuit to cultivate not only a thriving ecosystem but also a resilient community that embraces all. Join us on this inspiring journey as we nurture the beauty of nature and the strength of togetherness, making our dream a reality, one leaf and one heart at a time. 

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