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Fairy & Gnome House Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Fairy & Gnome House Exhibit Scavenger Hunt! I hope you’re ready to go exploring throughout our Enchanted Garden to find a few gems that make our Garden one-of-a-kind! 


This Scavenger Hunt will take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. Good Luck & have fun! 

  • For your first stop, do not let the name fool you:although the name suggests it is petrified, this natural item is not under a spell, scared, or terrified. However, looking at it you may not be sure of the process that changed what once was wood. Over thousands of years, minerals were absorbed into the tree after it fell where it once stood.

  • Your next stop will be at an item that may make you want to say, “all aboard,” nearer to the treehouse is where you will walk toward. While you are going full steam ahead, don’t forget to give this artifact a look, when you find it-ring it! Others in the Garden will be shook! After a locomotive crash, this unique piece was rescued and donated in 1989, if it could speak, what adventures would it tell?

  • For the next stop you will be looking for creatures the color of a clementine. Be careful to not be put under their enchanting spell! Looking into our 12-foot-deep pool you will be able to spot some of our most colorful employees, vibrant hues of red, black, and orange swirl around, but no hands in the water please! It may come as a surprise that some of these Koi fish are over 20 years old, one of their descriptive names is “Cheeto” and all look elegant.

  • A hike up to the Dry Garden is next on your list,  truth be told, there, you’ll find imprints left behind from an animal related to a pheasant. While these can be tough to spot, remember they are just “feet” away from our Dry Garden bed. The feathered residents sure left their lasting mark on this spot as they gobbled. Look closely at the ground beneath your feet to observe tracks with three toes. This area with concrete where you now stand once housed turkeys, what a lovely viewpoint they had I suppose!

  • In an Eastern direction you will want to stroll - heading slowly up the hill, this next stop you will discover there is one path in and one path out, a meditative thrill. After venturing past the veggie garden when you enter this circle, time will slow down. What a lovely, calming stop above to view our beautiful town! Around and around, it is time to reflect on your journey thus far. Take time to reconnect with nature, close your eyes, and wish upon a lucky star.

  • Next on your mission, head back towards the Treehouse and give this tree a look. This interesting specimen is a western slow grower that is found in our meandering path’s nook. The species of tree before you is one of the longest lived of all the flowering plants, related to a Rose but whose flowers lack petals, it truly is a vision - it enchants! With leaves that twist and twirl around, the age of this plant can be very profound. At a lifespan that can reach nearly 2000 years old, take a moment to stand and behold!

  • Along a curved red brick path near the garden store, your final discovery is waiting. Salvaged from a downtown building, this material was used in this edible space’s creating. When looking for a flavorful addition to a meal, or mesmerizing smell to create a soap or candle, the aromas found in this portion of the garden are magical, if your sense of smell can handle.

You did it! 

Congratulations on completing this fantastical Garden expedition! We hope you’ve learned from our living museum on your scavenger hunt mission! 
Before you go, stop by our Volunteer in the plaza under the green umbrella, they will provide you with a small token of our thanks for participating in this quest! 

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