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Artist Han Seok Hyun and MING Studios to bring new art sculpture to the Garden

MING Studios & Idaho Botanical Garden partner to bring new work by Korean Artist Han Seok Hyun to Boise

MING Studios and the Idaho Botanical Garden(IBG) bring acclaimed Korean artist Han Seok Hyun to Boise to create a new public sculpture. Han will create a sculpture in his Reverse-Rebirth series as he participates in MING Studio’s artist-in-residency program. The sculpture will be installed on the grounds of Idaho Botanical Garden.

Han Seok Hyun addresses the dichotomy of ”artificial nature,” calling attention to man’s handling of the natural world observable in contemporary urban environments. In Reverse-Rebirth, Han takes nature into his own hands. Reclaimed wood, discarded furniture, native plants, and locally foraged seeds compose the monumental tree-like sculpture that evolves over time and throughout the seasons. The work reaches for a symbiosis with the given environment, while Han pushes the boundaries of a domesticated relationship with Mother Nature.

Han Seok Hyun received his MFA from Korea National University of Arts, and his work has been exhibited at The Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), Buk Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul), Total Museum of Art (Seoul), SPACEMOM Museum of Art (Cheongju), Pohang Museum of Art (Pohang),The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (Gyunggido) and the Ilmin Museum of Art (Seoul). He has exhibited internationally in Germany, Scotland, the United States, Pakistan and South Korea.

“We are pleased to bring Han Seok Hyun to the Garden, and share his work with the community,” said Idaho Botanical Garden’s Executive Director Erin Anderson. “The Garden serves as an outdoor art gallery, and we exhibit many sculptures on the Garden grounds. We are thrilled to collaborate with MING Studios to bring Han Seok Hyun to Idaho!” This is the first arts-based partnership between MING Studios and the Idaho Botanical Garden, and it is hoped this will lead to future exhibitions.

MING Studios is a Contemporary Art Center and International Artist in Residency Program. Programs range from exhibitions showcasing the work of emerging and established international and local artists to art workshops, film screenings and cultural activities for all ages.

Idaho Botanical Garden is a nonprofit organization that provides a full garden experience for all ages that enhances community quality of life through plant collections, education programs, and entertainment, cultural and community events.


DONATE MATERIAL: Contribute to Han Seok Hyun’s project Reverse-Rebirth. Donate discarded furniture, reclaimed wood,
seeds and plants at MING Studios. Thursday, July 5 – Sunday, July 8, 11AM-6PM

SCULPTURE OPENING: Saturday, July 28, 7 PM at Idaho Botanical Gardens ARTIST TALK: Saturday, July 21, 7 PM at MING Studios

Kristen Cooper, MING Studios, Artist in Residency Program Director, kristen@mingstudios.org
Jason Morales, MING Studios, Founder, 208.949.4365, jason@mingstudios.org
Richard Mussler-Wright, Idaho Botanical Garden, Member Relations Manager, 208.275.8615, richard@idahobotanicalgarden.org


It’s National Pollinator Week

Thanks to Pollinator Partnership for providing these Pollination Fast Facts!

What is pollination?
Pollination is a vital stage in the life cycle of all flowering plants. When pollen is moved within a flower or carried from one flower to another of the same species it leads to fertilization. This transfer of pollen is necessary for healthy and productive native and agricultural ecosystems.

  • About 75% of all flowering plant species need the help of animals to move their heavy pollen grains from plant to plant for fertilization.
  • About 1,000 of all pollinators are vertebrates such as birds, bats, and small mammals.
  • Most pollinators (about 200,000 species) are beneficial insects such as flies, beetles, wasps, ants, butterflies, moths, and bees.

Why are pollinators important?
Pollinators are often keystone species, meaning that they are critical to an ecosystem. The work of pollinators ensures full harvests of crops and contributes to healthy plants everywhere.

  • An estimated 1/3 of all foods and beverages is delivered by pollinators.
  • In the U.S., pollination produces nearly $20 billion worth of products annually.

How you can help:

  • Reduce your impact. Reduce or eliminate your pesticide use, increase green spaces, and minimize urbanization. Pollution and climate change affect pollinators, too!
  • Plant for pollinators. Create pollinator-friendly habitat with native flowering plants that supply pollinators with nectar, pollen, and homes. For information on what to plant in your
    area, download a free ecoregional guide online at www.pollinator.org.
  • Tell a friend. Educate your neighbors, schools, and community groups about the importance of pollinators. Host a dinner, a pollinated food cook-off or other event and invite
    your friends.
  • Join the Pollinator Partnership Go to www.pollinator.org and click on “Get Involved.” Be part of a growing community of pollinator supporters.

For more information visit Pollinator Partnership



Renewal Keeps the Garden Growing


Idaho Botanical Garden has a new look and a new vibe

Idaho Botanical Garden is a fun, vibrant, place with a new updated logo to reflect this exciting community asset. This renewal is visible the moment you arrive at the Garden: from fresh paint on the administration building and construction projects creating a new main pathway into the Garden, new restroom facilities, and new and updated garden features. Our Thursday night Great Garden Escape series will have a new vibe with five bonus concerts presented in partnership with Duck Club (the promoters of Treefort), and still of course, IBG will host the local favorites you expect to see. The momentum for an extraordinary year at Idaho Botanical Garden is building!

“The Garden is a lively place. Join us to enjoy our beautiful garden spaces, our adult and children education programs, and a variety of events for all ages, all year long…”  Our staff, our programs, and our guests are dynamic, innovative, and ever growing. Our new logo is reflective of who we are, and who we aim to be. Watch us grow, and come grow with us!” Erin Anderson, Executive Director

Idaho Botanical Garden is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. A private entity, it receives no city, state or federal government funding for operations. The Garden relies on memberships, program fees, and donations to sustain educational programming and plant collections and to enable future development. IBG offers children’s camps and adult education classes, hosts live music concerts and seasonal festivals. The Garden operates as a site rental for numerous weddings, special events, and is open every day to the public for a relaxing stroll through twelve exquisite and unique gardens.  There is also a nice collection of art and sculpture throughout the 13 acres of cultivated ground, as well as a welcoming garden store.

“Idaho Botanical Garden is always a treat to walk through, whether it be spring, summer, fall, or winter. They do a great job of making each season unique, and work to make sure each visit has something new even when the plants are dormant. There is plenty to see, and the paths are friendly to all ages. I highly recommend seeing each season.” Jay W, Google Review.

The Mission of Idaho Botanical Garden is to provide a full garden experience for all ages that enhances community quality of life through plant collections, our education programs, and our entertainment, cultural and community events.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Corey King at 208.343.8649 or email at corey@idahobotaniclagarden.org.